Embracing the Inner Orange

I conducted a True Communications workshop yesterday for a great group of people.  Originally my client reached out to me to come in and hold the workshop to help boost morale.  After our meeting, I put together a program with True Colors as the foundation, mixed in True Communications, and topped it off with elements of True Team Building. The attendees took the online assessment a few days prior to the program.  That gave me the chance to review the results.  It didn’t take long for me to know the answer to the question, why is this department having a moral issue?

graphgraph 2

The team is missing Orange!  They are not having fun! I’ll be honest, I was nervous going into this workshop with the limited number of orange.  True Colors is a lot of fun and I was not sure how this group would adjust to moving around, talking about personalty, and most of all, would they be open to hearing from a me, a huge ORANGE! I was ready for the challenge.

Throughout  the workshop I made a lot of suggestions about how to have fun at work.  I also asked them to think about the commitment that need to do in order to change the things they can.  I challenged them to incorporate fun into their life, not just at work but totally.

I have conducted over 100 True Color workshops.  I get emails on occasion, but none like I got today.  This is commitment to change.  Check out Courtney’s email to the entire group, all 30, this morning.  Way to go girl- you are a ROCKSTAR!

“To Marketing

In an effort to ‘un-GOLD’ myself and embrace my inner Orange, I thought it would be FUN to have a Friday Celebration day.

Today is 9/20 and today we all get to celebrate Chicken Dance Day, Farm Safety Day, Gibberish Day, Punch Day and unofficially – it’s about time it rained day!

Chicken Dance Day

September 20th is Chicken Dance Day, particularly in Cincinnati, Ohio. On September 20, 1994, the Crown Prince of Bavaria visited Cincinnati and participated in an Oktoberfest Zinzinnati celebration that included the world’s largest chicken dance. With 40,000 people joining in the activity, the event was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Do you know how to do the Chicken Dance? September 20th is a prime time to learn. (CTRL-click here to view a video demonstration of the Chicken Dance on YouTube in a new internet window.)

Shall we have a 3pm Chicken Dance Off?

Farm Safety Day

Farm Safety Day is celebrated on September 20th in many locations. This cautious occasion highlights practices and procedures for agricultural animal safety, chemical safety, farm equipment safety and more.

Some rural regions schedule Farm Safety Day programs on alternate dates, depending upon weekend calendars. Of course, every day can be Farm Safety Day, if folks practice caution out in the country.

Gibberish Day

How much intelligence does it take to speak unintelligibly?

September 20th is the day to discover that answer. It’s Gibberish Day. On this nonsensical holiday, even the most articulate among us may utter gobbledygook, gabble, babble and drivel.Tomorrow, we may all seek clarity of communication, but not on September 20th.

Punch Day

Who’s feeling a little punchy today?

September 20th is also Punch Day, but that is no reason to practice pugnaciousness. Instead, Punch Day is a foodie holiday, celebrating a festive party beverage. (PARTAY!!!)

Why not fill a big punch bowl with one of your favorite party punch recipes, and invite a group of friends for a toast on Punch Day? Be sure to keep your punch frosty and cold for your gathering. (CTRL-click here to read several delicious unleaded party punch recipes in a new internet window.)

Rum Punch Day is also September 20th, for those leaning towards leaded refreshments.

Hope everyone embraces their inner orange this weekend and has FUN!!!”